Rheumatic Factor (RF) Test Kit (Latex Immunoturbidimetric Method)


Package: R1:1*40mL+R2:1*10mL

Specimen: Serum


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Rheumatoid factors (RF) is a kind of antibody to denatured IgG, and it has no specificity.However, RF positive rate will go high along with the age growth, but hardly getting RA for these person without RA.


Recommended for use:

As an aid for prognosis. The presence of high-potency RF in every kind of Ig has different founction.

IgG-RF is close related to RA patients with synovitis, vasculitis, and arthritis. As an aid for RA diagnosis,  IgA-RF seen in RA, scleroderma, Felty and SLE. IgE-RF could as an aid for Felt syndrome and adult RA.


Rheumatic Factor (RF) Test Kit is used for the quantitative detection of Rheumatic Factor (RF) in human serum.


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Rheumatic Factor (RF) Test Kit


R1:1*40mL +R2:1*10



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