Anti-double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA)  IgG DOT Kit (Colloidal Gold Method)

- Specimen: Serum

- Formet: Cassette

- Packing: 20T/Kit



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Anti-double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA)  IgG. Almost, high concentration ds-DNA lgG just seen in SEL. So it could be used as an aid for SEL diagnosis, in particular for active lupus erythematosus nephritis with good specificity. However, Anti-double-stranded DNA will go negative during SLE ease stage. So it result cannot be used as final result for  SEL diagnosis just with ds-DNA  negative.


Anti-double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA)  IgG DOT Kit is used for the qualitative detection of anti-double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA)in human serum.


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Anti-double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA)  IgG DOT KitSerumColloidal Gold Method20T/KitH251


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