Anti- endometrial (EM) DOT Kit (Colloidal Gold Method)


- Detection: IgA/IgM/IgG

- Specimen: Serum

- Formet: Cassette

- Packing: 20T/Kit


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Anti-endometrial (EM) could combine with endometrial antigen and arise a series of  immunological reaction. And it could cause woman infertility, stop pregnacy or abortion. Usually, the EM antibody appears in abortion and curettage for woman.


Recommended for use:

Aid for infertility diagnosis. It could be used in these patients who anti-sperm antibody in serum or cervical mucus is positive or anti-ZA antibody is positive.


Anti-endometrial (EM) DOT Kit is used for the qualitative detection of anti-sperm anti-endometrial (EM) in human serum.


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Anti- endometrial EM IgA/IgM/IgG DOT Kit SerumColloidal Gold Method20T/KitH262


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